How to make money playing free fire on mobile

Hello all, did you know you could Livestream your gameplay from your mobile phone to youtube and make 1 cent on evey impression? I mean, how hard can it be to get 100 Viewers, and no computer setup, just your iPhone or android.

How much can I earn?

We’ve seen different changes throughout the globe. For example, in the USA the Revenue per Thousand (RPM) is about 5 USD, for India its 7 cents, so it really depends on your targeted audience, so results may vary.

Let’s say you get 1000 Viewers, that’s the 5 dollars you’ll make the fastest by just playing around, literally.

How do I live stream free fire?

With the Youtube Gaming app, you can live stream from anywhere. It doesn’t require any exclusive hardware, it just your phone. It will also record your sound so others can hear yours. Youtube Gaming app is available on Playstore and AppStore.

Note: Youtube Gaming doesn’t work on Android 5.1.



2 ways to make more money playing video games on facebook

Ok so, facebook gaming will open soon and everyone is in a rush to reserve their nicknames, and once you get to reserve your own you start live streaming, yes! After a few hours of livestreaming, you start to question yourself how your going to make any money out of this.

There has to be a guide to succeed in the game streaming business

We will show you 3 ways that you can make even more money by applying these strategies to get more viewers!

Get started on exaggeration

So, besides of being a ranked player, you must also be an entertaining one so get to exaggerate every now-and-then funny moments during your gameplay, this will keep your audience in tune with your reactions.

For example, you believe you have a unique facia expression like funny faces or eye brow lift, do it! make a personality out of your character.

The game character is not that important, the livestream one is.

So imagine if the rock, Dwayne Johnson, was a game livestreamer? His personality would make him one of the best players out there, even if he sucked at the game. You need to see it from a different point of view. Even the most inexperienced player but with an awesome attitude can make a living out of livestreaming games. It’s in the comfort of your own home.



Users find best when livestreamers use cheap greenscreens to show more area of the gameplay screen. You can find the cheapest green screens here . Its easy to set up and will give you an additional professional look. Your viewers will consider you a pro gramer and a pro video editor, and it’s really not that hard to make it work. In some video editing software is just 2 clicks away.




3 strategies for passive income for gamers

Straight to the point:

Other blogs say there are 100 ways of making money in the gaming business, i say there are 3 that really work for me.

  1. Create game apps:  For the mobile business is a huge oportunity to start getting high passive income. You basically get 70% of everything you sell inside your game app and also from subscriptions. Take a look at my past post on how i made a game for the app store without any coding.
  2. Creating livestreams: Creating livestream is another strategy for creating passive income, it’s about being entertaining and stand out a personality. Viewers have to trust you so comunications skills are needed if you want to make it in the business. A few months ago Facebook will reward video game live streamers some cash to start its new Game LiveStream service where millions of gamers will watch others, the new democratized eSports is near. The future says that its going to be the new way of meeting people is the gaming online. Forget about pubs…people will prefer pugb, no pun intended!
  3. Create reviews: Now not many people know this but there is a huge market for reviews on specific category, like best men’s shampoo for 40 year olds.. See? just gave you a great niche right there.


Send me your questions!

How to create a Hyper Casual game app and create passive income

Start from zero.

Ok so we all know that to make an app we need to learn how to code, but don’t get frightened, we don’t need to learn any to make it. We also know that to make an app that actually makes you any money needs it needs to be at least top 100 for any category.

-Hey king, it seems impossible, so how do we do it?

Get this: Some cool guys at California developed a computer program that is inside another computer program that help you create games. It’s like a notepad app that helps you create the best novels.
Does it sound weird? A program that can help me create a better one? Yes, it is type of a computer interpreter inside another.

So ever wonder those games that are on the apps stores and are incredibly addictive and look like a 7 year old made it? They are called Hyper Casial games and you probably have one on your phone. These games offer no fancy graphics, just simple material like shapes and some gravitational movement. It contains just the necessary requirements to make it in the ‘Viral, Addictive’ market, the market you need to target if you want to make it in the top 100.


So how do we create these games?

So its really fast to create a 1 hit wonder game. Take this.
The software renders 3d graphics by dragging and dropping items into a storyboard. The software has its own guide you can take a look at, but in my words, this software was created by thinking like the matrix, that is: Viewing the game as a layer or in different dimensions. You see, when you see a game we have 3 layers: Game Objects, Behaviours, and Scenes. So imagine in your head you have the ability to separate these 3 layers from anything in real life. A dog for example in a game a dog can be an image/3d object, it also has some behaviors of actions like moving around or bite, and it is also inside a scene or a world.

Use arrows to connect behaviors with actions and tie them to objects. This will give any character you have in a game…life.

So once we make these entities we have to connect them using the simple drag and drop creator and the game’s engine will automatically connect via code all these objects and behaviors.

So after 2 weeks of spending 2 hours daily, i created my first addictive (for me atleast) iPhone game, without any coding, and once i polish it enough, or come up with a better idea i will be publishing the results.

Take a look at this mobile game creator software.


Thats all for now guys. See you in a few days.



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