3 strategies for passive income for gamers

Straight to the point:

Other blogs say there are 100 ways of making money in the gaming business, i say there are 3 that really work for me.

  1. Create game apps:  For the mobile business is a huge oportunity to start getting high passive income. You basically get 70% of everything you sell inside your game app and also from subscriptions. Take a look at my past post on how i made a game for the app store without any coding.
  2. Creating livestreams: Creating livestream is another strategy for creating passive income, it’s about being entertaining and stand out a personality. Viewers have to trust you so comunications skills are needed if you want to make it in the business. A few months ago Facebook will reward video game live streamers some cash to start its new Game LiveStream service where millions of gamers will watch others, the new democratized eSports is near. The future says that its going to be the new way of meeting people is the gaming online. Forget about pubs…people will prefer pugb, no pun intended!
  3. Create reviews: Now not many people know this but there is a huge market for reviews on specific category, like best men’s shampoo for 40 year olds.. See? just gave you a great niche right there.


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